Changes at Pony Pantry

December 14, 2021

I wanted to let you know where Pony Pantry is at this point. 

Like all manufacturers, we have felt the impact of the supply chain shortages. For months we struggled with our packaging and labelling suppliers. We thought we were turning the corner in August when large shipments of packaging materials arrived and we were able to fulfill our backorders.

And then the call came from our bakery. 

We have had a strong relationship with our bakery for nearly 4 years now. We have specialized equipment that forms our products and they have massive ovens for baking them. Unfortunately, the impact of COVID on their employees, the current lack of people that want to work and the wage hikes have driven our product costs to an unsustainable level. For the first two months, we absorbed the costs, hoping they would come down and adjust. They did not, in fact, the costs continued to increase. Our raw materials went up with inflation over 20% and our labor costs tripled. We would need to more than double our unit costs to break even. 

We spent the last two months searching for another co-pack bakery with the type of extrusion equipment we would need to form our products with no success. Based on this, we have made the following hard choice. 

We are putting the company on “pause” at this time. All of our patents and trademarks are still in effect and we will hope to restart the company sometime in the future. At that point we would expect to bring in house all of the production equipment and forming equipment so this could never happen again.

 Gabbi and I would thank you and every one of you, our retailers and customers  for the effort and the love you have shown us over the years. Your companies took a chance on a 14-year old girl with an idea and allowed her the opportunity to live her entrepreneurial dream. We have learned some very valuable lessons and hopefully something will change in the future to allow us to return our products to your shelves. 

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! 

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