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         What's a Pony OatNut?


A Pony OatNut is our famous nugget. Each treat is made with rolled and steel cut oats, molasses, whole grain rye flour and other tasty ingredients!

Pony Pantry treats our equine partners like athletes. Provide them something they will love and will be good for them too!

We spent lots of time working with equine veterinarians and dietitians to identify a wholesome snack that you can offer anytime. 

Our treats are a perfect snack ringside, training rewards or really any time. This perfect, bite-size snack crosses all disciplines for training. The Hunter or Jumper Ring, Equitation, Dressage, Western or trail and pleasure riding - this is a healthy and nutritious reward for your horse or pony.

All Natural Ingredients

We committed from the beginning to make our treats from all natural ingredients. Where we can, we source using certified organic ingredients. It is our commitment to you to use the very best when we create our treats. No preservatives, colors or artificial ingredients. Our treats are USEF and FEI safe.

Shelf Life

Our treats are baked to form a crispy and nutritious snack for your equine partner. We use no preservatives or artificial ingredients and our treats must be kept dry and away from moisture. If properly stored, our treats will last 12 months, without guarantee. Pony Pantry is not responsible for treats not used within this time frame and under the conditions listed above.

Why Pony Pantry?

Because we care about your equine partner. Our products use the same ingredients you would eat.  It doesn't matter if you are an occasional rider or an "A" circuit competitor, your horse deserves the very best. Don't feed treats that are covered in sugar and glazes. 


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